WEEK 10 ( Need) in 11:30pm est today 3/11/18 Discussion: Using Balance Scorecard to Measure Project Effectiveness You are a project manager for a large electronics retailer (e.g., Best Buy) who will be implementing a new time keeping system to track hourly and salary employees’ time and attendance. You have been asked to develop a balance scorecard that can be used to manage the effectiveness of this project. Select an area (e.g., financial, customer, business, and learning) that you will focus on from a balance scorecard viewpoint and explain how you will measure the effectiveness of the project.  week 11 discussion need by 3/13/18  Discussion: Project Management Advice Thinking back on everything you have learned in this course, identify the top three (3) most topics that anyone working in human resources needs to know about project management. Explain your rationale. Discuss three (3) best practices that you have acquired in this course that you either will apply in your career or could recommend to any project manager. Next, recommend at least one (1) additional best practice that is not specifically mentioned in the course. Justify your response.

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