Identify industry that is for dissatisfaction, copy model and explain it, talk about expectations, talk about dissatisfaction, talk about what satisfactions are not being met, explain how to have a strategy to change that,

Challenge 2.5 – Identify a marketing problem, what might be the obstacle that are contributing to this problem, what are obstacles, how do you maneuver these problems, what does that say about problems

Challenge 3.2 – NEEDS GRAPHS blue ocean within red ocean, create a strategy, how do I break these into different dimensions, use those factors to come up with similarities and differences, what is significance of factors you depicted, what factors would you eliminate and why, reducing and why, which ones might you raise and why, what can you create/ what could be

Challenge 4.3 – Identify 3 companies that do this strategy, describe the value array, differences in prices, look up self selection on segmenting strategy

Sample Solution

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