WHAT: Your project, a presentation of a business plan, should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. You are the entrepreneur and will use this presentation to show where your business is now, where you plan to go, and how you are going to get there. Assume that this presentation is being made to potential investors.
Your presentation should be comprised of approximately 15-25 PowerPoint slides. Each slide should summarize the main points you are making, and additional details (those that you would be saying in your presentation) should be included in the “Notes” in PowerPoint (under each slide there is a “Click to add notes” feature). Your mock presentation should last approximately 20 minutes, so ensure that the PowerPoint contains sufficient information to guide you through this presentation to potential investors.
Be sure that your presentation includes all of the main parts of a business plan, and is not merely a copy of the business plan that you are using as a basis for the presentation.

• Choose your business and plan from the following site: http://www.bplans.com/sp/businessplans.cfm . Clearly label which business type and name you are using.
• Review your textbook and the Small Business Administration site: https://www.sba.gov/business-guide/plan-your-business/write-your-business-plan

• Before you begin writing your business plan, consider the four core questions:

  1. What service or product does your business provide and what needs does it fill?
  2. Who are the potential customers for your product or service and why will they purchase it from you?
  3. How will you reach your potential customers?
  4. Where will you get the financial resources to start your business?

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