Across the globe, many individuals are fleeing violence, poverty, and corruption. However, climate change is emerging as both a direct and an indirect driver of migration that complicates existing vulnerabilities. What is the relationship between climate change and global patterns of migration? What is the role of the international community in protecting climate migrants? Use specific examples for the course readings and guest speakers to support your argument.

Some questions to think about:

(Note: These are guiding questions that you could use to frame your argument. You do not have to answer all, or any, of these if you are interested in another aspect of this situation)

How do diverse marginalized groups experience the effects of climate change differently? (immigrants, refugees, migrants, women, children, etc.)
In what ways are marginalized groups at greater risk to the harms of environmental changes?
Evaluate a range of strategies at the business, corporate and global level
Critically evaluate the main factors and requirements for the successful implementation of new strategies, innovation and change.

Sample Solution

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