You are a newly assigned Police Chief in the City of Bourbonville, U.S.A., which has approximately 120,000 residents. Unfortunately, you have inherited a police department that was formerly under investigation by the federal government for a major scandal. Six months ago, 8 police officers were arrested and convicted for both falsifying police reports and covering up citizen complaints involving excessive use of force. Consequently, Gallup polls indicate that 68% of Knoxville residents do not trust police officers in their community. Unemployment has risen 27% and violent crime (e.g. murder, assaults, robberies, etc.) has increased 22% from the previous year. Domestic violence has also experienced a sudden increase, which may have caused the growing number of gang delinquency, especially in areas of low socioeconomic status. Various quality of life issues (e.g. graffiti, public consumption, disorderly conduct) continually rise as your police officers are underpaid and overworked. Sadly, 5 of the 150 sworn police officers have committed suicide this last year. Overall, department morale is at an all-time low.
As a result, you have been tasked by the Mayor to research 3 significant theoretical perspectives created over the course of our newly Criminal Justice discipline. The previous police chief (your predecessor) never introduced any of these perspectives to the department, as academia has never played as a factor in addressing the systemic issues within Bourbonville PD. They are listed as:
1) Strain Theory
2) Theory of Differential Association
3) Labeling Theory
For EACH theoretical perspective, you are REQUIRED provide an overview/description and assess their value in making policy change. Based on extensive RESEARCH and your CRITICAL THOUGHT, make a decision on whether or not to utilize these theoretical perspectives in your department as a foundational tool to enhance your agency.
Lastly, provide a SUMMARY on ALL decisions you’ve made. Clearly state YOUR overall objective as a leader of police officers. Remember: your objective should be to reduce the numbers in crime in Bourbonville and increase morale within your police department.

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