Each question must be fully answered with 2-3 full paragraphs per answer . Cite each answer. 

  1. Fully profile a Power Assertive Rapist. 
  2. Describe the role of fantasy for serial killers.  How does  it affect their crimes?   How does fantasy develop? 
  3. Our  book defines four forms of autoeroticism.  Name and provide a short description of each. 
  4. As we studied the chapter readings and researched the cases  involving Satanic and Cult-related murders, what are the roots of Satanism and who had the greatest influence on those who find Satanism so attractive? 
  5. Name and explain what is Geography Profiling and what role  does it play in the criminal profiling process? List the elements included in a Geographic Profile…
  6. Fully  discuss the existing legislations regarding Internet gambling and suggest remedies for the existing chaos at the international level. (chapter 8)
  7. Why  is the use of consent searches dangerous when evidence relating to a high-technology crime is involved?
  8.   Discuss in detail the USA Patriot Act. Do you think it infringes upon the right to privacy of the American citizens?  Elaborate.
  9. What is the chain of custody and why is it such an important consideration when dealing with digital evidence?
  10. Discuss three ways that consent can be withdrawn.