This DB has three parts:What is the Family Medical Leave Act?What, if any, limitations exist within the FMLA that could cause an employee NOT to use the Act for an absence from work?How, if applicable, did the recent legislation with regard to same-sex marriage for attention to the FMLA and its provisions?Assignment DetailsThis DB has 4 partsLeaders are responsible for motivation.  Having low morale can be devastating to any organization.  However, motivating people is not easy.  Many leaders have tried and failed.In your experience, what motivates people?  Is it always the same things or actions for every person?  Why or why not?What do you believe demotivates employees?  Is it always the same things or actions for every employee?  Why or why not?Motivating people in times of uncertainty is an especially difficult challenge.  What is it about uncertainty that makes motivation so difficult?You are in charge of a department during a planned corporate downsizing, how would you keep morale high in your department?  Why do you believe this would be an effective strategy?

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