Part 1:
Read the article “Engineering to Help” by Schneider, Lucena, and Leydens , published in the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. (I will provide it on files)

Write a 0.5-page reflection on the reading.

While your reflection does not need to address all of the following questions, you can use these to guide your thinking if you need:

Have you, or anyone you know personally, engaged in service work, volunteering, humanitarian aid, or mission trips? How did you feel about your efforts before reading the article? How does this article make you feel about those trips now?

How do you think “Engineering to Help” and the case studies discussed in class relate to User-Centered Design?

Part 2:
Read the following article by Toptal, an engineering freelancing platform that connects businesses with software engineers, designers, and business consultants globally

Answer the following questions:
In your own words, explain broadly what human-centered design is and why it is important.
Consider the case studies presented in class by you and your classmates on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Summarize an innovation of your choice from the presentations and describe how human-centered design is related to (or missing from) this case.

The section “The Era of the Customer” and the paragraphs introducing this section describe engineering as an endeavor that should involve humans (consumers). From your point of view, discuss why engineering must consider impact on users and impact on society. In addition, do you feel that your liberal arts education is helping or will help you to be a better engineer? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

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