Write up to 250 words per each question. Spacing 1.5, font size 12 of your choosing. Please Note: your answers should be anchored in knowledge you have gained from the videos. However, you are expected to build upon it, research further, expand and develop these core frames, as well as present an original argument, providing adequate reasoning and examples.

What are the known main factors responsible for CCD? Please explain the differences in the approaches taken in the EU vs. the United States. In your answer please address both environmental legislation as well as conventional and biodynamic beekeeping methods.
What is organic matter and why is it important for soil fertility? Please relate to micro and macro organisms, the nutrient cycle and improvement of crop yields.
What is a Dietary Shift Potential? In your answer, please regard to the environmental burdens of animal farming. Which types of solutions to minimize the environmental burdens of animal farming exist today?

Sample Solution

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