Part I
Write an introduction (400-500 words) to introduce the topic (related to ‘globalization’) of your final paper. It should include the following elements: 1) a description of what the central issue is – i.e. what is the main problem or question that you are dealing with; 2) a preliminary argument – i.e. your answer to the problem/question; 3) some background information and context must be provided in order to make the focus of the paper clear.

Part II
Using the topic introduced above, create a bibliography that contains at least ten scholarly sources (you are expected to primarily cite scholarly books and journals; if you do not know what a scholarly source is, please go here: You are expected to use the Chicago style. Make sure that you are using citation guide (a manual can be found here: and not an online citation machine when compiling the bibliography. You can cite no more than two chapters from The Blackwell Companion to Globalization textbook.

Part III
From the ten scholarly sources used above, four should come in the form of a bibliographical annotation. Each annotation should be one paragraph (250-300 words) and should include the following elements: 1) a complete bibliographical citation; 2) qualifications of the author/s – i.e. is the author an expert on this topic?( If they are not experts, then your source is not good) 3) a summary of the argument and/or findings; 4) how this work supports your own research (your topic, your central issue, and your argument)

Sample Solution

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