Compare the way it change throughout the decades this is what i have
what versions influenced plots for movies

Through the ages the theme of gothic changed but not so drastically yet gradually. Writers have their own versions of the aesthetics that they incorporate into their work. Short stories are just one version, what about movies and videogames and their take on gothic aesthetics. A great writer like Edger Allen Poe had his version of darkness that was his gothic. The way his darkness was described was not physical it was a mental type of darkness unique to himself. Many short stories written by him share this theme where the protagonist gradually changes sides into the darkness as an antagonist. But edgar allen poe was a beginning point where themes were simply based off his work. An example in the movies Star Wars one of the characters gets persuaded that the side he has been fighting for was lying to him and this angers him to rebel and join the dark side. Many stories and plots for movies or games derive from the idea that there is a good and a bad but what makes them change is what poe’s work is about the mental game. Then comes HP Lovecraft who changes the way we think about things using gothic as a portal for his creations. Lovecrafts horror monsters gave an idea that there is a lot of ugly we cannot see and allot we wish not to see.
The gothic theme influenced video games throughout the centuries by ten folds. Castlevania was a game that used a similar style like Lovecraft keeping things mystical and very unreal. You began as a member of the belmont family who was very well known as monster hunters in their world. Curiously a castle appears close by clearly one that was not there before. The belmont family was always ready for work but they certainly were not ready for what was coming. Something waits for them in the castle for the day they attempt the siege completely decimating the family except the main protagonist the youngest son Trevor Belmont.

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