Write a 5-6 page essay in which you will define Latinx literature How would you describe it? What are some of its major characteristics, preoccupations, and thematic concerns? Develop a thesis where you argue for a particular definition of Latinx literature and then support it with a discussion of representative texts. Imagine you are writing for a reader who has never read a Latinx-authored text or someone who has only read one (probably Sandra Cisneros or Junot Diaz) and thinks that that text sums up the entire body of Latinx literary production. Or imagine you are writing for someone who says that they have read lots of Latinx literature yet who proceeds to list books written by Latin American authors (i.e., Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude). After this semester, you have learned that Latinx literature is very different from Latin American literature because it focuses on the experiences and histories of Latinxs living in the United States. Your essay should think carefully about how you would describe this body of literature and how it contributes to our understanding of U.S. history, society, culture, politics, and art. Your essay must also include reference to at least one secondary source that supports your argument.

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