“Mass Shooters and Lone Wolves: Profiling Terror in the US”
? Current Climate of Terrorism and Violence in US
? Profiling explained
? Mass shooter and Lone Wolf introduced
–Mass Shootings Analysis Paragraphs:

  1. Focus on the shooters Motives, Targets (if any), methods, effects (if any)
    • Luby’s Shooting— Texas
    • Sandy Hook—Connecticut
    • Las Vegas Massacre—Nevada
    • Overall Profile of Mass Shooters
    • Lone Wolves Analysis Paragraphs:
    • Pulse Night Club—Orlando
    • Clayton Lee Waagner—Anthrax Attacks
    • Boston Marathon—Boston
  2. Overall Profile of Mass Shooters
    ? How do we compare these attacks that are so similar?
    ? Importance of differentiating the two in order to properly strategizing methods of combatting each
    4 References
    “Comparative prospective in counterterrorism: the role of intelligence units”
  3. Introduction- USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan
  4. Intelligence units and Terrorism

a. What is terrorism
b. What is an intelligence unit and what is expected of them

  1. Counterintelligence around the world (What intelligence units around the world are doing to combat terrorism)
    a. USA- FBI and CIA
    b. Saudi Arabia
    c. Iran
    d. Pakistan
  2. Governmental roles in counterintelligence
    a. Corruption
    b. Politics
    c. State-sponsored terrorism
  3. Possible Improvements and joint efforts against terrorism
    a. Terrorist financing
    b. Media
    c. United Nations
    d. NATO
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Tamil Tigers


• Started with the election of Bandaranaike and how there were periods of violence after that
• Following the election, there was increased turmoil between the Sinhalese and the Tamils
a. This was due to what was going on in Parliament at the time with the amount of seats and the national votes
• The violence led to a shift within the Tamil community which increased their cause for self-determination
. It began with the formation of the Tamil United Front (TUF) which advocated for Tamil rights
• The violent campaigns came right after the Tamil Tigers started to demand their rights
. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s (LTTE) statements were centered around the furthering racism in their country they wanted to put an end to and the escalated violence they are fighting against

• Its causes
a. Misrepresentation in government
b. poorly treated by Sinhalese governmental officials–voices not being heard
• Ideology
. Made an organization in order to right the wrongs of human rights violations
i. This added to their struggle and made their cause more worthwhile
a. Due to the bombings, the Tamil Tigers were able to get more recruits to join their cause
. This is because people were starting to realize the amount of turmoil going on within the Sinhalese population
b. They were all for women being on their team in order to create a more open atmosphere
. They relied on women for some of the features of their cause
i. Poverty and the fact they didn’t have economic opportunities
ii. More social opportunities for them
c. Youth uprisings were taking place in the southern part of Sri Lanka
• Emergence
. It all started between the North and South and different economies that developed in different areas
a. At first they were divided groups the wet South and the dry North and East.
. South – had an agricultural economy
i. North – had a mercantile economy
b. More regional inequality when the violence and the Tamil Tigers started to make themselves known
c. Youth uprisings took place more in the south, while the
• Development
. The Tamil Tigers developed from the Tamil population of Sri Lanka.
a. The Tamil population did not feel like they had a voice in the government, and when they tried to speak up, the Sinhalese just ignored them
b. The Tamil’s then proceeded to turn to violence.
c. After a dismal failure, the Tamil Tigers turned to guerilla warfare and became very successful
• Tactics
. Suicide bombings
. Their delivery methods
i. The Tamil Tigers caused a lot of unrest in Sri Lanka because of the bombings
• Fighting against the government and bombing government officials
a. Women as equals
b. Guerrilla warfare
• Financial Sources
. Bank Robberies
a. Assassinations
. hired guns

• Financial Resources
Counterterrorism Strategies Against Tamil Tigers

• India initially attempted to send troops to attempt to defeat the Tigers (Small amounts of troops)
• Sinhalese then attempted to sign a peace treaty
• India sent out a full blown attack and wiped out the Tamil Tigers
• This strategy wasn’t really liked by the professionals who study terrorism because nothing changed government wise, leaving an opening to the reformation of Tamil Tigers

U.S. Approach to tamil tigers

  • US assisted by sharing intelligence and Coast Guard assistance offshore


• Tamil Tigers were fighting against a nation who called them rebels and radicals
• Bad treatment brought out their cause to fight the government
• Used women in their mission in order to further their cause
• Used suicide bombings for most of their acts
a. Women were part of this category as well
b. Had different strategies
• U.S. was minimally involved

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