APA Format, No grammar errors, No Plagiarism, MUST BE ON TIME!Unit 5 – Individual Project Assignment OverviewType: Individual ProjectUnit:   Strategic Integrated Marketing CommunicationsDue Date:   Wed,2/6/19 Deliverable Length:   600 wordsAssignment DescriptionIndividual Project: Final Key AssignmentStrategic Integrated Marketing CommunicationsThe final part of the plan is about getting the message out to your target market.  First, review your marketing plan draft. Complete or expand on any sections that need additional detail.  Next, the final part of your plan will include a section about how you will communicate your company’s product features and benefits to your target market. Go back to your communications draft from Week 4.  Expand on the objectives of your communication plan in consideration of your creative pieces. Write out your communication objectives, also known as a creative brief. The creative brief acts as the map of the communications strategy for the marketing plan. It asks and answers the main question: What is your customer’s reason to believe in your product? Find out more here:https://www.adcracker.com/brief/Sample_Creative_Brief.htm The creative brief should define the following:  What is going on in the market? Provide an overview of the company and the marketplace.  What are you going to do? What is the objective of your communications plan?  Who? Who is the target market?  Say what? What is the most important message you need to send to your target market?  Why believe? What is your target market’s reason to believe in the product, and why?  How will you communicate? From your Key Assignment draft, expand on any information from your 2 communication vehicles: 1 social media marketing method that you suggest using for your company’s product and 1 direct marketing campaign that you can use to build brand awareness and customize the product’s message to your target market.  Do it! Think about your differentiators using the 4 Ps of marketing—product, place, price, and promotion. Develop 1 slogan or tagline to help capture the target market’s attention that can be used in the social media and direct marketing campaigns.  Add this section at the end of the final plan, organize the sections, edit, and post final draft of the plan.

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