Compose a Philosophy of Education which includes a research-based theory or method of learning. The philosophical statement that will give the reader a good idea of who you are and what you value as a professional. The statement should reveal how you think about teaching and help the reader envision how you will teach

In a unified composition of about 2 to 3 pages:

  1. identify a research based theory or method of learning aligned to your personal ideology;
  2. identify the 2-3 most important purposes of teaching;
  3. address the educational principles and fundamental beliefs that guide you as an educator;
  4. address fairness, desire to learn, equity in education, and;
  5. based on learning theory, fundamental beliefs, guiding principles, and understanding of learning, describe what you think are the most appropriate strategies for teaching.

The research-based theory that aligns with my personal ideology is the philosophy of humanism.

Sample Solution

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