Choose one example of popular culture. It can be a film, song, TV show, sport event occurrence, etc. You must explain what you have chosen. You can supplement with still images or an VERY short film or audio clip.

You must explain the SOCIAL significance of the clip, and relate it DIRECTLY to what we have done in the class. You must offer a fairly in-depth analysis of this aspect.

What is the piece of popular culture you have chosen? Explain what it is that you are analyzing
Analyze the social significance. This can relate to American culture, as does so much of what we have covered, or it can relate to another culture. Does this show examples of real life values of concerns of the culture it is reflecting? Does it discuss social problems? Or is it a piece of art that is somehow particularly innovative? You must explain your stance clearly.
How does your piece/clip/event relate to globalism or globalizing influences? Even if it is from a specific country, does the pop culture genre relate to globalization? Is it an example of cultural hybridity? Ethnocentrism? Cultural Appropriation?

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