Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Nurse-scholars have a significant obligation to their community as well. Their work must have academic and professional integrity. Their efforts are designed to add to the body of knowledge, advance the profession, and ultimately help in the care of patients. Work that lacks integrity is subject to erode quickly or worse.
Fortunately, there are strategies and tools that can help ensure integrity in academic and professional work. This Assignment asks you to consider these tools and how you might apply them to your own work.
In this Assignment you will continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan by appending the original document you began in the previous assignment.
To Prepare:
• Reflect on the strategies presented in the Resources for this Module in support of academic style, integrity, and scholarly ethics.
• Reflect on the connection between academic and professional integrity.
The Assignment:
Part 3, Section 1: Writing Sample: The Connection Between Academic and Professional Integrity
Using the Academic and Professional Success Development Template you began in Module 1 and expanded in Module 2, write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis that includes the following:
• Explanation for the relationship between academic integrity and writing
• Explanation for the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics
• Cite at least two resources that support your arguments, being sure to use proper APA formatting.
• Use Grammarly and SafeAssign to improve the product.
• Explain how Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing contributes to academic integrity.

Sample Solution

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