Use the Knapp’s relationship model of past or present relationship and use the 10 stages where applicable. Also apply the three dialectical tensions to this relationship and see how it effected the path.
Introduction= .5-1 page (introduce and set the context).
Relationship Analysis using the Knapp’s model=4-5 pages (Describe the different stages of a past or present relationship and give examples of the coming together and coming apart of the stages. Omit those that are not relevant or include repeat stages that were meaningful in the direction the relationship went).
Dialectical Analysis: Relationship Maintenance=1-2 pages (Focus on different tensions-connection-autonomy, openness-privacy, and predictability-novelty and how you managed them. How did relationship maintenance keep your relationship running smoothly and when the lack of maintenance caused troubles. How did the struggles lead to different stages).
Conclusion=-5-1 page (Reflect on what you learned from this process. How is the Knapp’s model useful and what can be some of it’s limitations. How can this model help you in the present/future relationship).

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