*at least 350 words each reply*1.There may be various advertising strategies used in marketing domain of a business to increase its product’s sales. It subsequently creates the value proposition of the product which helps the business attract customer’s attention. Thus, above the line, below the line and through the line is known as the most common advertising strategies which organizations pick up to optimize its brand recognition.           It is a kind of advertising strategy that focuses on a broad audience using the tactics of mass media. For example, a product of gent’s apparel can be advertised on a large spectrum of audience scale to build campaigns of brand awareness. In this regard, graphics or video advertisement might be considered as above the line advertising strategies implemented by an organization (Startupfreak , 2014).           As far as below the line advertising strategy is concerned, it can be adapted to target a specific market audience or individuals. For instance, direct-mail and text-messaging campaigns can give positive feedback to persuade customers towards purchasing gent’s apparel. Below the line advertising strategy also falls under the domain of behavioral and contextual ads campaigns.           It sheds light on a hybrid technique of advertising campaign that includes both contextual ads and mass media. In other words, through the line advertising campaigns cover a broad targeted market. For example, through the line advertising campaign uses billboards and street pole advertisements, social media marketing, and online marketing campaigns as well. Thus, gent’s apparel can be widely promoted by using the tool through the line advertising strategy which ultimately adds up to the value of brand awareness of gent’s apparel. MT—————2.The product I will use is wigs for this assignment. When it comes to the affective strategy many sellers try to advise people that you can throw it on and go without having to comb the hair (depending on if it is quality hair or not). Some people tend to even reel people in by showing cancer survivors wearing their products and advising they are happy customers. Ogden and Ogden (2014) states ‘Humor and fear are typical approaches with an affective strategy.’ For the most part you do not have to scare anyone into buying anything or humor them if they truly want the product they’ll purchase it if the price is right. Branding Image could come into play depending on who the manufacturer of the wig is trying to target. Now mind you a curly fro doesn’t suit everyone so the middle age people may find that cool, or someone who’s headed to a 70s party might purchase that. But having and showing a variety when promoting on kids and adults would be ideal. What can be a unique selling proposition is if one was to make and style every wig by hand. Showing that one put in genuine work and sewn every wig together would bring in some mothers and even fathers to support a genuine caring business. Resonance would come about when it comes to showing how to easily manage the wig, how to put it on, and even advise whether it’s human hair, synthetic, or mixed. Product positioning will happen with the help of showing one doesn’t truly have a target market because one is willing to make wigs for all ages and any gender. One can be generic by having the option of what type of hair quality the buyer wants to use in their hand made wig and even can give them an option of styles.DW—————3. In France when advertising McDonald’s is advertised based on the drive through experience. Most is centered on people having a bad day whether it be a bad day at work or the some cosmic event, but as soon as these people enter the drive through a child like atmosphere and happiness comes through the person or people, and the day is just much better. I would have thought that the whole restaurant would be used, but it was very much just the drive though. In Brazil online is the key to advertise. It seems Brazil wants to advertise to a larger audience and feel technology is the way to do it, effectively using tools that analyze the behavior of the target, the content available by category, region, habits of the Internet and other important information online ad networks are attracting more investment and attention of marketers in the last few years and thus gaining space in the planning of advertising dollars.”(Acir , E. 2016). This might be all about generating a market, but cash flow as well, which may lead the actual product to take a hit.  In Canada, ads are received with minimal impact, form many countries especially the United States. It is not that Canadians dislike advertisements, they are more likely to stock up on products they like, which takes away from their attention of new or same ads that they see on the TV. Canadians seems also to less likely use the technology often for the products they want, which cuts down on what is being seen on what people think and use as a useful tool in the internet. In the lecture “Reach refers to the number of people who will be exposed to the advertising message at least one time while the advertising campaign is running. (Ogden & Ogden, 2014). This seems to be a theme in many countries that sell advertising, so it comes down to knowing your consumer, and what can make them tick.SO——————4.In reviewing advertising on a global scale, many companies choose to market their products in ways that will attract and capture their audience, whether they use traditional or internet/digital venues. For example, in America, we are rely heavily on digital advertising. Whether advertisements show up on our social media news feeds, or our extensive reliance on our smart phones. One commonality that an American consumer will find is any product or service that you search for, say on Google, will ultimately being an advertisement in your news feed on any or all of your social media platforms. I cannot remember how many times I have searched for a random product and ended up buying something that popped up in my feed on Face book!In Europe, however, they often take more of a traditional avenue within their choice of advertisements. Some of this is due to the regulatory environment, whereas, they focus on advertising that is more localized to specific area, versus the entire continent. Also, it is more common for European countries to continue to thrive in their existing markets versus attempting branch out into newer markets. An example of this would be some of their beers they choose to export. By sticking to the same ones they know that will sell, and advertising that specific brand, they will continue to be profitable because they know it appeals to a particular segment of the population. Ideally, it would seem the age old adage of, ‘ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies to many of the advertising and marketing strategies that European countries utilize. In order for them to break into a market they will have to take some risks, but once they have become a staple, they stick to what they know. Whereas, here in America we consistently spend tons of money on different adverting campaigns, as of late, being more in line with digital marketing, in order to spread the word about a new product or service hoping to be sold.

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