What is your research question? What theory, existing feminist problem, or historical issue does your question address? What argument will you make to better our understanding of this question/problem/issue? What significant works of scholarship has been published on your topic? Please identify some of the leading academic scholars and/or published works in the field. What method(s) will you use to make your argument and answer your question? Does your project have a micro or a macro focus? What kind of data do you intend to employ to answer your question? Is it a qualitative project or a quantitative project? If your project is qualitative: What materials/literature/evidence will you analyze? What kind of analysis will you use? Do you have access to your research materials/site? (If working with contemporary society) Where will you conduct your fieldwork? How will you conduct your fieldwork? (If doing an oral history project and/or conducting interviews) How many interviews are you conducting? How will you record and transcribe interviews? If your project is quantitative:  What is the source of your data? Is it a credible source? What variables will you be using? Are these variables appropriate? Does your data-source have all the variables you are interested in? How do you intend to obtain access to the dataset? What kind of analysis will you use? The proposal is a contract: a statement of intentions for your final product, and a detailed explanation of how you will accomplish your project. It is important to have a solid, detailed, well-written proposal. The better the proposal, the better the final paper.You will be graded on:1) Detailed description of the research question/problem2) Detailed description of the research methods3) Theory / Literature awareness / Preliminary bibliography (primary & secondary)4) Quality of writing / Clarity of presenting ideas5) Do-ability of the project (data, time, availability restraints, theoretical problems etc.)

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