Focus on a fictitious, publicly traded company named Global Energy Services, Inc. that provides oil to three states. This organization is facing significant challenges in a number of areas: 1) With the price of oil falling and revenues negatively impacted, the company is at risk of not meeting the shareholder expectations for the next quarter and perhaps even the year; 2) An EPA report on a lucrative oil drilling field in one of the states indicates that the fresh water supply may be contaminated and must be remediated immediately; 3) Organizational changes to reduce expenses and pay for the water supply cleanup will almost certainly require headcount reduction affecting employee morale and further reducing staff to work on the other issues. The rumor mill is already active with concerns about layoffs and budget reductions.

Provide a one page summary of recommendations to the organization’s board of directors regarding the following issues:
• How to balance the performance objective of revenue growth and increased market share
• Remediating the costly environmental issue caused by the company
• Addressing the hard decision to downsize at a critical time
The summary can be bullet points or narrative but must clearly:
• Identify the priority order of social (people), economic (profit), and environmental (planet) focus.
• Address two steps you propose for your area relative to balancing the need to address the environmental issue while considering company growth and employee concerns.
It is possible that your proposed solutions may even encompass a holistic approach that serves all focus areas at once.

Sample Solution

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