1. Assume that you are the project manager for an upcoming new information systems project designed to replace your organization’s old inventory management system. The server and database will also be upgraded. Name one risk of project derailment or failure that you might anticipate? How might you mitigate this risk? 75 words2. Discuss how you can could apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. Name at least one strategic management model discussed during this term that you would use, and explain why you selected this model. How might you incorporate information from this model to positively impact your career success?75 wordsIn this unit, you will complete the case study of the company that you chose in Unit II and have been researching throughout the course. Respond to the four writing prompts below. Your responses must include information from academic and scholarly research, including at least two resources from the CSU Online Library and at least two other online sources.1. Create a case study summary of the company you have chosen, including a general overview of the company, its external environment, and a list of its current strategies and objectives.2. If the company continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in five years?3. If you were the CEO of the company, what strategies would you recommend, and why?4. Describe the competitive strategies used by the company’s main competitors. Which of these strategies are the most effective? How can your company combat these strategies? Support your answers.cite your sources using APA guidelines. Your case study should be at least three pages in length, excluding a cover page and references page.

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