describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense of group identity.

Title: Week Four Forum Developing Group/Team Identity Week Four Forum- Developing Group/Team Identity 100 pts. Due Date: End of Week 4 Forum 4: After reading our Lesson in the Lesson section and reviewing the team building information in this weeks material, our forum this week centers on: Developing Group Identity Although team climate develops from […]

to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, identify the benefits and risks of doing so.

Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Your Choices According to studies of graduates of bachelor-degree programs in psychology, entry-level positions tend to pay relatively little and may be relatively unsatisfying. Although the positions, pay, and reported job satisfaction of psychology majors tend to significantly improve many years after graduation, those who enter the workforce immediately […]

How will you modify your approach so that the two clients with exceptionalities receive differentiated supportive intervention and benefit from the group as much as the other young people?

Unit 9 Assignment 1 & Unit 9 Discussion 1 & 2? $45.00 Due (Sunday) 9/01/2018. Unit 9 Assignment 1 Group Crisis Intervention Serving Multiple Constituencies This assignment will walk you through the steps to create crisis response plans, which is a critical job skill for counselors of children and adolescents. Using the Group Crisis Intervention […]

 What rules do undergraduate students need to be aware of?

Resource: American Psychological Association website. Research is an important part of the learning process and in the field of psychology. The difference between good and poor research is often the lack of understanding the process and importance of sources. APA is a part of the research process. For this assignment you are assuming the role […]

What is the general class(es) of disorders to which this disorder belongs?

Unit VIII Case Study Within Unit VIII, you have learned about various psychological disorders and the complexities involved with proper diagnoses and treatment efforts. Now it is time to put your skills to the test. Choose ONE of the cases listed below and create a mental health assessment for your chosen case. In the assessment, […]

ow has your work in this course enhanced your level of skill in mastering these competencies?

After completing the Career Skills Inventory it was noted that i am strongest in brainstorming, coaching, collaborating, coordinating and meeting deadlines. After completing the Work Values Card Sort, my top five values were ability utilization, public contact, recognition, responsibility and supervision. For this assignment, you will reflect on the Work Values Card Sort and Career […]

What’s your best learning environment?

1.What’s your professional employment; your professional goals? (I actually work as CNA part time and I have another part time in Amazon) my professional goals …. 2. Do you have a favorite study strategy? What’s your best learning environment? 3. What did you do for yourself if the last year that helped you learn?   What […]

Elaborate on how you would establish trust with the employees, protect employee identities, and ensure the results are used in an ethical manner.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Fisher (2009) article, “Replacing ‘Who is the Client?’ With a Different Ethical Question” and the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Including 2010 Amendments (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. paying special attention to standard 3.11. Informed consent is an important […]