Advances over the last few decades have brought innovative and creative technological tools to the forefront of learning. Teachers must be aware of the purposes and applications of these tools to prepare students for future professional and educational opportunities in the 21st century.
The purpose of this assignment is to select resources, media, and technology that aid in content learning, language development, and engagement in the elementary English language arts classroom.
Part I: Technology Description
In 250-500 words, select and then explain at least three technological or media tools that can be used to enhance student learning in your field experience classroom. One of these three tools must be useful for a student with a disability in your field experience classroom. The description should include:
Technology or media that is safe, grade-level appropriate, and easily accessed by teachers in a range of schools.
An explanation of how the tools selected allow for differentiation of instruction and/or assessment, including for the student with the disability.
Highlight specific ways that reading, writing, listening, speaking, and/or communication skills can be enhanced with the technology or media.
Part II: Technology Integration: Literacy Unit
In a 250-500 word graphic organizer, describe a week-long literacy unit you could teach in your field experience classroom using at least one of the technology tools described in Part I. Consider how you might integrate your lesson from Field Experience B: Using Technology and Media in the Classroom into this literacy unit.

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