This being our first assignment, it will be relatively straight forward and more descriptive than argumentative in nature. Having read “The Clash of Civilizations” what you will need to do for this essay is to summarize the article. First, you will need to locate and describe Huntington’s main thesis clearly. You will then need to locate and describe all of Huntington’s sub-arguments which are used to support his main argument. Now, in order to properly assess Huntington’s argument I have assigned a very short article (2 pages) by David Brooks titled “Huntington’s Clash Revisited.” Take the paragraph before your concluding paragraph to discuss Brooks’ most salient criticisms of Huntington’s argument (where he thinks Huntington erred.) You can add a few your own words of assessment in that paragraph or in the conclusion.

I am not too worried about formatting and do not require you to include a bibliography as we are dealing with only two sources, but I do want you to use footnotes for citation in Turabian style and include page numbers (first reference to article or reviews has to be a full citation.)

Essay length should be between three and four pages.

Here are some guide lines to help keep you on track:

  1. Locate the author’s main argument. Summarize it as best as you can.  This you will place in the introduction.
  2. You will then want to give your reader a sense of how the author defines a civilization and the number and type of “civilizations” he sees the world being divided into. I recommend you do this in the first paragraph on the body.
  3. Locate his individual proofs (his sub arguments) in support of his thesis. Summarize the content of each of these arguments.
  4. Identify some of the issues with Huntington’s argument utilizing the Brooks short article.
  5. Move on to your conclusion which is basically a restatement of the argument combined with your own assessment.

Read the material, including prompt, very carefully. Be sure to contact us early with any questions you might have so that we can help guide you. Recall you can ask for assistance from me and from your TA. Let me also urge you to use the history tutors’ services.

Rather than grading you on your original thesis statement in the Introduction, you will be graded on how well you have summarized and described Huntington’s main argument/thesis. You will then be graded on how well you describe each successive sub-argument presented by Huntington to support his main argument. Points will be deducted for each missed or badly explained sub-argument. You must clearly explain each of those sub-arguments and explain and how they connect/support his main argument. As always, quality of writing (grammar: spelling, word choice, syntax…) will affect the grade. We will certainly consider whether quote the article and cite it (in Turabian/Chicago style) as necessary.

If you are unfamiliar with the Turabian/Chicago style please refer to the guide provided by our library.

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