Timed Writing EssayIn an old episode of the TV show Star Trek Voyager, Captain Janeway and the crew on her space ship are trying to find their way back to earth after being shuttled into a distant quadrant of outer space. Low on fuel, they find an inhospitable planet where they can mine some of the stuff that they use as fuel and be on their way. However, after landing there, they find that the fuel is contained in a mysterious substance that has the capability of cloning everything it touches. This causes two of their crew members to be replicated (cloned) accidentally. The cloned beings discover that it’s wonderful to be like people and not a silver sludge, and they tell Captain Janeway they want her crew to stay on the planet and populate it. However, of course, Captain Janeway just wants to get off the planet and get back to earth. The silver sludge beings, however, get hostile and refuse to let her lift her ship off the surface. But, she understands the beings’ need for human companionship and makes the decision to let the beings clone all the members of the crew on board the ship so they can then be off since all it would take is for them to use hair samples to provide DNA, and no one would be injured in the process. Note, that the cloned beings will be exactly like the crew members they are cloned from with the same knowledge and memories, etc. The episode ends with Voyager lifting off the planet, leaving about a hundred cloned crew members on the planet. If you would like to view the actual episode on YouTube, you can go to this site and buy it for $1.99, though you shouldn’t have to do that. Just use the info in the plotline I’ve given you. However, here is the URL if you want to watch it: that this is a science-fiction scenario, there is some realism in it. The issue of cloning is something that people are discussing today. Here is your prompt for your final exam essay: Did Captain Janeway make the right decision? What do you think were the consequences she had to consider when deciding whether to allow cloning to happen? Why do you think she made the decision that she made? What would you have done in her situation? What moral considerations would you use to justify your decision? Use specific ideas from Justice in your discussion. Also, what is your opinion of cloning, in general (not necessarily as related to this TV show). What arguments would you present to convince someone of your opinion about it? Be sure to use logic and avoid logical fallacies. Make sure that your essay has a title, an introduction, body, and conclusion, but it should consist of more than three paragraphs. Do NOT simply re-tell the story from the TV show. Stick to an analysis of the issue as presented in the episode and in general and the ideas around it. The length of your essay should be at least 1000 words.

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