For this Assignment, you may use a Fortune 500 Company that you have already researched. The focus here is on both domestic (American) and global operations. The Assignment incorporates how the firm functions in different parts of the world and what it can do to maximize its effectiveness as a global organization.Course outcomes practiced and assessed in this Assignment:GB540-4: Integrate concepts of regional, national, and global economic behavior withmacroeconomic theory.PC-4.1: Assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment.DirectionsBegin by reviewing the following websites as resources for your Assignment:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). (2017). Economic indicators. Retrieved from Department of Commerce. (n.d.). Key economic indicators. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics. (n.d.). Major economic indicators. Retrieved from 6–10 macroeconomic indicators that are of particular relevance to your firm and explain how they affect the performance of the company.Outline strategies on how the firm should respond to the changes in the economic indicators with the goal of maximizing revenues in the years ahead.How have they done in the past?What is their current state?What kinds of plans and possibilities do they have for the future? Is there room for improving what they do?Should new ventures be added or old ones subtracted?Then, discuss the firm’s global operations, and their influences on the regional and national levels.You also need to assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in operating (managing) a company in a global environment.As you can see, the field is wide open for you to construct your paper in the most relevant way you see fit.1 of 3Unit 6 [GB540: Economics for Global Decision Makers]CriteriaAs part of the Assignment, you will need to include the following: ●  Your Assignment should have a coversheet with the following information: Title of the paper, Your Name, Course Number and Section Number, and Date ●  It must be a minimum of 5-pages long (excluding the title page, references, etc.) ●  Be sure to include the criteria located in the rubric below within your paper. ●  It must be APA formatted with citations to your sources and your last page should list allreferences used. Review the APA formats found in the Writing Center. ●  You must use a variety of three objectives, high quality, and current sources. Peer reviewedarticles, articles published in journals, textbooks, and library resources found in the Library areexamples of high quality resources. ●  Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are not considered as reliable resources for thisresearch.Directions for SubmittingSubmit your Assignment to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 6.GB540 Unit 6 AssignmentContent and AnalysisPoints PossiblePoints EarnedSelected a global fortune 500 company.10Selected and defined 6-10 macroeconomic indicators of particular relevance to the firm chosen.10Discussion for each of the macroeconomic indicators includes an explanation of its relevance to the performance of the firm.10Discussed strategies of how the firm will respond to changes in the macroeconomic indicators to maximize revenue.10Provided an appropriate analysis of the firm’s global operations andintegrating information at the regional and national levels.10Examined how well the firm has operated in the past.10Analyzed the firm’s current financial state and performance.10Discussed plans and possibilities the firm has for the future.10Presented an appropriate explanation and analysis of where there is a room for improvement.10Evaluated whether the firm should add new ventures.10Included an analysis of how well the firm’s strategies that have worked to date.102 of 3Unit 6 [GB540: Economics for Global Decision Makers]Assessed the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global 10 environment.Writing, grammar, and includes at least three reliable references in APA formatting. In-text references are included in the contents.10Total130PC-4.1Assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment.Not Assessed N/ANo work was received by the instructor.No Progress 0Student work demonstrates no understanding or progress towards achievement of this outcome.Introductory 1Student work demonstrates the ability to identify multiculturalism and diversity issues.Emergent 2Student work demonstrates the ability to identify multiculturalism and diversity issues, and articulate them in a global context.Practiced 3Student work demonstrates the ability to identify, articulate, and explain a multiculturalism and diversity issue in a global context.Proficient 4Student work demonstrates the ability to analyze the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity in a global context.Mastery 5Student work demonstrates the ability to analyze the benefits and challenges of multiculturalism and diversity in a global context and recommend solutions.

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